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Chris Tokalon - Soundman

Welcome to my website! I am a saxophonist/flautist, hang player, entertainer and sound therapist. On these pages you can find out what's available from me in the way of  live  performance- i.e. my 1 man show “The Marvelous Mouth”, world music and jazz, sound therapy and background music. Or you can book a recording session for sax, flute or voice... You can choose anything from light-hearted comedy and music with a deeper meaning, beautiful world and/or jazz  music, a fun interactive music circle or a soothing  sound journey for friends or clients.  I have also outlined some simple principles of sound therapy and I regularly conduct workshops for teaching 'sound' self empowerment methods

Chris Tokalon - photo by Chris Claasen-009

photo by Christopher Claasen

HANG DRUM BOOKINGS/PERFORMANCESA Hang drum (pictured above right) is a modern day Swiss made variation of a Caribbean steel drum - an inverted steel pan which looks like a space ship and sounds like heaven.

It perches on the musician's lap and is played by hand giving it a warm and sweet yet ringing sound .The particular hang which I will be playing is one of the first ones manufactured and I have been playing it for 17 years with various musicians at functions and festivals .    

Please watch this Youtube video of me in action with my hang.

MY ONE MAN SHOW – Chris ‘The Marvelous Mouth’ Tokalon in “Don’t Tune Me – I’ll Tune You!”

A Wacky, highly entertaining one-man show. Music and Comedy combined by a one man orchestra with uncanny imitations and backing tracks recorded with live beatbox, amazing impersonations, sax, flute, beat box and a spaceship (hang drum). Ideal for corporate entertainment, celebrations and special events.


Live Music for any Occasion
Jazz, African, Middle Eastern and World Music ensembles or solo sax and flute, hang drum for performance, functions and celebrations. I have 36 years of experience as a professional saxophonist and flautist in performance of original music and  staged productions .I  provide lively entertainment or soothing background music for weddings, birthdays and other special events.

CD's and Recording Sessions

I have recorded and produced 7 cds with a range of musical styles and done  co-production and recording sessions on various projects.My recordings  include two CDs of jazz and world music by The Jazz Hounds, two Cd’s by Soulbird and  three CDs of therapeutic meditation music. I have done session recording work on other peoples CDs and voice over work TV ads and radio jingles. As a voice artist doing various accents or playing different characters in children’s stories.

Music Playshops and Facilitation
Making sounds with  voice in a variety of ways, is a  tool for creating transformation and community building while having fun. Also it is a means for self-expression and enhancing teamwork skills. Through interactive music facilitation I can improve communication skills and build better relationships in organizations and children's groups.  I have worked extensively in the corporate arena, solo, or with Drum Café, at schools and at orphanages.

Sound Therapy and Sound Journeys 
This is for a release of stress and trauma as you receive a sound bath and go on a holiday from your busy mind.  Lie back, close your eyes and allow me to take you on a soothing and uplifting journey with live sounds.  You will receive a massage on a cellular level, to leave you feeling calm and energized, ready to renew life’s journey.  I use song, flute, Tibetan bowls, wave basket and rainstick to weave a tapestry of harmony through your being.  Group sessions and one-on-ones are available.

Voice-overs and Overtone Singing 
Able to imitate many instruments, accents, sounds and people, I do voice-over work for advertisements, radio and kiddies' programmes. I've also mastered the art of overtone singing (the ability to sing two or more notes simultaneously and sound like a Tibetan Choir) and am available to give lessons. 

Funny, crazy, clever ring tones 
Combining skills as a voice artist, musician and comedian with an ability to imitate sounds and accents – listen to these ringtones and you can download free the ones that you like. Ensure that you never get bored when your phone rings. Meet Madiba, Satchmo and other wacky, loveable characters. Be entertained every time your phone rings!!!

New Album Launch

book of sand small

As promised, this is to let you know that Mana's "Book of Sand" is now available. Nic and I have been really excited at the reception to our previews over the last few weeks, with hundreds of listens and thousands of likes, shares and messages ... thank you all! The album is available on on iTunes, Amazon, Google, CDBaby; for a fuller list see our buy page. Happy listening!

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