Dance In De Light:
Is a debut solo cd which had a specific intent and focus in mind, created after I started exploring the power behind healing sounds. It is a musical journey which loosely interprets and incorporates the elements, tones, senses and energy dynamics danceindelight_thmassociated with our chakra's, while avoiding stereotypes and rigid definitions. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and a love for and from all that is are written into the music with the intent of creating journeys which have melodic and rhythmic vibrancy, while retaining a soothing,meditative quality.

The bodies main chakra's are toned in ascending order, gently at first for an awakening, a stirring, after which steady mantra like percussion rhythms and pulsating drones are added, which support simple flute and sax melodies. Hypnotic overtone singing and echoing monochord are ever present. Each tune functions as a complete journey and integrates with the others to give a balanced "tune up" for body mind and spirit. It has received wide acclaim from therapists and health journals, while retaining a general broad appeal for all, due to its musicality.

"Dance In De Light is a beautifully arranged masterpiece which perfectly encapsulates the spirit of both the body and soul. The tracks move you effortlessly through a range of landscapes." - South African Natural Health Network.

"If you want to see how close a recording can get to the soul of music, give Dance In De Light a considered listen." - Carl Muller -The StarTonight.

"Dance In de Light is both a collection of musical pieces that expose undoubted expertise on flute and saxophone, as well as a wondrous piece of music that works on a number of levels as a source of healing for mind and body through toning with sound" -Stephen "Sugar" Segerman, Editor of Amuzine

Soulbird Sound Journeys:
my second CD is ready and available for purchase and is a logical step up progression from my first CD. The lyrical and soothing musical content is roughly based on a typical *Sound Journey which weaves its way through and around dynamic and soulbird_thmbeautiful World music pieces. This CD has a lot more depth and is more complex in instrumentation and content than the previous one, the music flowing seamlessly from one piece to another.

The original intention was to re-create a Sound Journey in all its simplicity and raw beauty. I have retained the essence of that in this creation. However, our Soulbird had other ideas and took flight early in the project as the desire to express a love for world music melodies and rhythms overwhelmed me. The phrase, “Keep it simple just like a Sound Journey” became a standing joke as the tunes developed a life of their own. Creativity blossomed and imagination soared in the magical moments that created this epic music saga, which is now available to you.
The music tells of elation, sadness, joy, peace and raw power, all woven into a musical masterpiece. Various guest artists are featured onthe CD with the likes of Gito Baloi, Jennifer Ferguson and Courtney Hofinger making their presence heard in beautiful ways.

Wonderings - a sound journey:  
Many of you have requested music that is as close as possible to the live *sound journey you have just experienced - so that you can do a sound journey with a CD in the peace and privacy of your own home. When stressed or traumatized and you need to wonderings_thmrelease and restore calm quickly, you can pop in the CD, lie down and receive a balancing from the soothing cell massage it provides.  If you haven’t experienced a live sound journey (yet), this is as close to the real thing as you can get.  I can honestly say that this CD is an audible and true record of the work that I  have  been doing in the last 12 years, based on the format of  live sound journeys which have evolved with many different “travellers” - a group effort from all.  I regularly use it for myself to smooth away the rough edges of life experiences - it gets me back on track (pun intended) and is very effective with children too. It is more richly layered  than alive sound journey, because working in a studio allows for the luxury of multi tracking…

Wonderings is an expression of the wonder in creation - the splendour that creates awe and makes us wonder how it all works, as we wander through the mystery on the pathways of perception and evolution.  Hypnotic Overtone singing, soaring and soothing flute, Tibetan bowls, bells,chimes, lyre, didgeridoo, hang, drum and evocations of natural sounds are all woven together, featuring in a seamless work of great power and gentle, simple beauty.

 (* A Sound Journey entails lying down, closing your eyes and receiving a live sound massage created by soothing, harmonious sounds for relaxation and stress release. For more info click here)

Soulbird Flying Colours:

Soulbird is a collaboration by 3 accomplished & passionate musicians, speaking eloquently to you in the universal language we all understand and love - music.Album_Cover_small

An artfully blended kaleidoscope, "Flying Colours" paints feelings that are at times playful, light and others deeply moving. A journey that brings musings from afar.

These are stories told with exotic as well as familiar instruments, poetic and lyrical, soaring with jazzy or classical passages and sometimes new dialects. Stories told from the heart devoted to the power and grace in the spirit of music.

Founded by Chris Tokalon (vocals, sax, flute, hang*) SoulBird are a multi-faceted trio of talented musicians.  Along with their original compositions they combine their music to create a varied and eclectic blend of evocative and inspiring sounds.  As a listener you are transported irresistibly on a soaring world music experience where cultural boundaries blur then vanish.  

The music is anchored on a solid foundation of conventional Western music genres (mainly contemporary jazz, folk, rock and blues) and decades of experience in performance and composition.  From this solid platform they invite you to take flight on a globetrotting journey, visiting your imagination on exotic musings to India, Africa, Tibet, the Middle East, Australia and the Caribbean.   Tablas (Indian finger drums), Tibetan singing bowls, Oud (Middle Eastern Lute), Didgeridoo (origins in Australia) and *Hang (miniature steel drum with origins in the Caribbean) combine with saxophones, flute and guitar for a vividly colourful, musical event.     Album_Cover_Inside_full_300

SoulBird are:  
Christopher Tokalon on vocals, sax, flute and *Hang
Ronan Skillen on tablas, didgeridoo and extended percussion

Peter Nordling on guitars, bass and hoüd.

*A Hang is a metal “spaceship” which looks like two woks welded together and is actually a miniature Caribbean steel drum which is placed on your lap and played by hand. It has a beautiful, clear bell-like sound – almost like a cross between a guitar and harp.

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