Sound Medicine: Healing With Music, Voice, and Song
by Laeh Maggie Garfield
Paperback (September 1987) Celestial Arts; ISBN: 0890874832

Healing with sound:
by Olivea Dewhurst-Maddock
Gaia Books L.T.D; ISBN: 185675023X

Color and Crystals-A journey through the chakras
by Joy Gardner
ISBN: 0-89087-483-Z

Sacred sound- transformation through music and word
by Ted Andrews
Llewellyn publications; ISBN: 551640383

Overtone singing study guide
by Rollin Rachele
Cryptic voices productions; ISBN: 90 803013-1-0
Available with CD


The Association of Sound Therapy and Harmonic Studies

Throat Singers of Tuva On Throat Singing of South Siberia- history and methods of throat singing.

Jim Cole & Spectral Voices - Coalescence

Numen music centre - interactive music, rhythm and drumming,
musical entertainment, creative direction of events

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