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This Marvellous Mouth music Cd has been a long time coming ,ever since I started imitating instruments  as a kid, and later ,some 15 years ago ,as a part of live performance . All these"tunes' are from my 1man 1mouth show

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Little known to modern humanity, a monochord dates back to ancient Greece, where it was invented by Pythagoras. Back then it was a single string, stretched over a piece of wood and pegged at both ends.


Soulbird is a collaboration by 3 accomplished & passionate musicians, speaking eloquently to you in the universal language we all understand and love - music.


Many of you have requested music that is as close as possible to the live *sound journey you have just experienced


My second CD is ready and available for purchase and is a logical step up progression from my first CD. 


Is a debut solo cd which had a specific intent and focus in mind, created after I started exploring the power behind healing sounds.

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