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Dreaming Healed Earth (16.60 MB) R10.00
Spirit Mansions (11.21 MB) R10.00
Timeless Sea Son (10.07 MB) R10.00
Ancestral Visions (13.67 MB) R10.00
Heart is where the Home is (10.30 MB) R10.00
Dream Time Dimentia (23.37 MB) R10.00
Wonderings (15.62 MB) R10.00
Ocarina's Song (5.62 MB) R10.00
Aumsweet Aum (9.78 MB) R10.00
Your Lullaby (15.50 MB) R10.00

Many of you have requested music that is as close as possible to the live *sound journey you have just experienced - so that you can do a sound journey with a CD in the peace and privacy of your own home. When stressed or traumatized and you need to release and restore calm quickly, you can pop in the CD, lie down and receive a balancing from the soothing cell massage it provides. If you haven’t experienced a live sound journey (yet), this is as close to the real thing as you can get. I can honestly say that this CD is an audible and true record of the work that I have been doing in the last 12 years, based on the format of live sound journeys which have evolved with many different “travellers” - a group effort from all. I regularly use it for myself to smooth away the rough edges of life experiences - it gets me back on track (pun intended) and is very effective with children too. It is more richly layered than alive sound journey, because working in a studio allows for the luxury of multi tracking…

Wonderings is an expression of the wonder in creation - the splendour that creates awe and makes us wonder how it all works, as we wander through the mystery on the pathways of perception and evolution. Hypnotic Overtone singing, soaring and soothing flute, Tibetan bowls, bells,chimes, lyre, didgeridoo, hang, drum and evocations of natural sounds are all woven together, featuring in a seamless work of great power and gentle, simple beauty.

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