Musings with a Monochord

Musings with a Monochord

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Song with a Pygmy Goose (11.00 MB)
A Feminine Touch - Nanooks Present (22.55 MB)
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The Early Days of Sound Therapy

Little known to modern humanity, a monochord dates back to ancient Greece, where it was invented by Pythagoras. Back then it was a single string, stretched over a piece of wood and pegged at both ends.

When plucked at various intervals, it produces different harmonics, which are in keeping with mathematical rations, musical intervals and the symmetry and proportions which are found in all
structures - from cells to planets - an audible echo of creation.

Pythagoras said - “Learn the secrets of the monochord and you will know the secrets of the Universe”.

This CD is a modern day recording of a modern day monochord bed.

28 strings and all tuned to the same note...

Chris Tokalon - Monochord*, Overtone Chanting, Flute, Soprano Sax, Singing Crystals Vocals
Gaelin Meyer - Vocals

Recorded & Mixed by @ Earthrise Audio, Kommetjie & Scarborough.June - October 2014

* This version of a Monochord is a bed, a wooden box on legs, on which one lies on top of. 28 strings are strung and played underneath the bed, which produce an extended range of harmonics - an ideal release of stress and trauma and for a re-balancing of body, mind and spirit.

You may download tracks for free or by donation, we have selections of R10, R20, R50 which can be paid via the site and share this with your friends!

Musings with a Monochord

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