I have learnt that the focused use of sound combined with intention creates transformation through the effect and result of frequency waves of energy, which affect us on all levels physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Frequent use of sound in the form of voice or music, whether produced live or simply listened to, acts as a catalyst for healing and transformation by shaking loose stress and trauma. Through the use of powerful sound vibrations we are able to create space in our being for calm, joy and well being. Because sound effects us on a cellular level, the sounds we use with intention will effectively become a cellular massage.

A basic law of physics is the principle of entrainment: The rhythmic pulse of a harmonious musical sound has a stronger, more even waveform than fragmented sounds without the symmetry of the even structure or intervals found in music, mathematics and nature. These fragmented sounds are what we would call noise!

An example of entrainment is a room full of clocks where the ticks and tocks are out of sync with each other, eventually coming into the same timing with each other.  Likewise being in the company of somebody who is miserable, or for that matter, happy, can affect your own mood and entrain you into the way they feel.  Listening to soothing, harmonious sounds has the same effect and thus harmony can be restored to the listener who consciously allows the sounds into their being.

Through resonance, we can move stagnating energy i.e. of limiting belief systems, stress or trauma, trapped in our bodies and be entrained back into harmony. Regular practice of sound healing techniques through application of this basic principle restores a balanced energy flow in body and spirit.
Dare to be joyful!

I believe the focussed use of sound, i.e. sound created with the intention of altering consciousness, awareness and perception is woven from the communal fabric of world wide religious practice and can rightly be described as sacred sound or spirit sound.

Singing and chanting to restore a link with divine awareness is a practice common to all religions and the resulting transformation into states of bliss in devotees, is a process explained and supported by the findings of science, psychology and of the universal laws of physics.

Personal experiences and successful facilitations with thousands of people in a sound therapy process, using musical instruments and particularly voice (the finest and most effective instrument of all) have gathered remarkable information. I find that all energetic interactions (whether audible or not) are essentially vibrational and transformative by nature and that change is inevitable because energy moves.

By one definition, “being human”, we are a network of frequencies, constantly transmitting and receiving energy, literally a symphony of consciousness which plays an ever changing melody, even though sometimes we appear to be a stuck record! Whether we are audible or not, we are the musician and the instrument playing out our life force while simultaneously being played by it.

A gradual realisation, an unfolding and solid evidence has dawned on me – by combining sound energy with our intention, we can restore an inner balance to our being. In so doing we restore our link with the symmetry and harmony to be found in the universe around us; the mathematical, musical interconnected precision of all structure, right down to cells, molecules and atoms. We can liberate our being from stress and trauma if we so choose (with repeated and regular cellular* sound massages by listening or making music – it’s that simple!

The self-empowerment this has brought to others and me is quite simply a liberating, humbling and enlightening phenomenon. If repeated, stuck old behaviour patterns (remember it’s just energy and can be moved) from past stress or trauma are ruling your life and you want change through absurdly simple and powerful energy management, then read on for some ‘sound’ information. Find our more about why music is the food of love …
*These happen on a cellular level – science has proved that sounds pass through substance from cell to cell.

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